How post-acute care is making OASIS submissions to iQIES less tedious using workflow automation

With a push towards quality & better compliance, there have been multiple upgrades and overhauls the post-acute industry has witnessed in the past few years. Proven technology has played a major role in helping catalyze the same.

Take a look at the recent upgrade made to the OASIS submission by the CMS to enhance user-friendliness. The new CMS data submission system, Internet Quality Improvement & Evaluation System (iQIES), is now internet-based, complete with multiple changes aimed to improve the claims match process and relay of data back to the Home health agency(HHA) EHRs.

Adding to the administrative burden on post-acute care staff

But as with every other compliance-related task in post-acute care, this new change has also added to the administrative burden of care teams at HHAs across the nation. With every change/update, comes a new learning curve for the staff and with the ongoing workforce shortage being aggravated by the pandemic, additional manual, administrative tasks only seemed counterproductive to the welfare of staff amid these trying times.

This is why some organizations have turned to workflow automation for their OASIS submissions to iQIES and are reaping fantastic results from hundreds of hours saved, better patient outcomes, and fewer over-burdened staff. A win-win in everyone's books.

AI & RPA to the rescue

Workflow automation solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are enabling post-acute care organizations to tackle the burden of administrative tasks on their care teams. By automating rule-based, repetitive tasks such as all the OASIS submissions to iQIES and downloading the final reports. Everything right from the download of OASIS files from EHR, upload of assessments to iQIES, review of submission history, final validation reports, and the updation of iQIES data onto the EHR can be entirely done with the help of programmed software robots. A zero error, zero fatigue, and zero manual intervention system with insightful reports available at the touch of a button for care staff.

One administrative task less equals hundreds of hours of patient care - with an easily available solution

OASIS submissions to iQIES can be time-consuming, error-prone, and add to the vast administrative burden for clinical teams across home healthcare. Element5's AI & RPA powered workflow automation solution can help remove this burden from the shoulders of care teams and optimize the operational efficiency of organizations by enabling more time for patient care and improved care outcomes. See the automation software in action here.

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