Element5 Secures $15M Series A with Insight Partners

Post-Acute Care
Element5 Secures $15M Series A with Insight Partners

Journey to Success: Element5's Impact on Post-Acute Care

I’m living every CEO’s dream. An incredible team that challenges me at every step, partners who accentuate our offerings and champion us at every touchpoint. And customers. People who have chosen to work with us because they believe, even at the deep end of the ocean, we’re there to guide them to the shores of success. 

Element5 is exactly two summers old. There was no doubt in our minds that there was a huge gap in post-acute care, and addressing it would mean solving scores of problems across departments. In a short time, we’ve seen extensive traction, and all roads have led to this sweet spot. 

Strategic Partnership with Insight Partners: Accelerating RPA Adoption in Healthcare

Today, I am pleased to announce that Element5 has closed its Series A funding of $15M led by Insight partners. Insight Partners is a world-class firm whose past investments include logos such as Shopify, Twitter, Docusign, Alibaba, Trivago, Kinnser, and Netsmart to name a few. More than just the financial investment, Insight Partners will also be a great addition to our strategic roadmap, providing us guidance and traction to expand our market foothold. Their experience working with the nuances of fueling AI & RPA adoption will be a great addition to growing our arsenal of post-acute care clients.

While RPA is still a nascent technology in healthcare, it has been widely applied across other industries to great success. And all the years working in healthcare made us quickly realize that the post-acute market direly needed tech enablement. We took the opportunity to introduce RPA to post-acute care and showcase how it can help streamline processes, reduce work and most importantly, save time. What really sets Element5 apart is the focus on delivering automation-as-a-service. We’re simplifying the adoption of RPA for post-acute care by delivering pre-built workflows that allow organizations to get started on automation faster, better and stronger. 

We’re in a fantastic position as a disruptor enabler; the opportunity is there, our solution is spot-on, macro-trends are in our favor, and we now have the funding to make a big splash. Together, we’re on the road to changing the way post-acute care teams work. Here’s to a future where workflow automation is ubiquitous across the post-acute care landscape.

This could not be possible without three sets of people.

Our partners, believe in this mission as much as we do, and provide us with the waves as we steer this ship in the right direction.

Customers, who believe in us and the power of RPA. Our true north.
Lastly, the employees of Element5, a dedicated team that reinvigorates me with passion and hope each day. Brilliant minds who inspire the world and make everything possible.