Element5 is changing how work gets done inside of post-acute care operations

Our solutions are delivered as-a-service, built on the backbone of Robotic Process Automation with the power of Artificial Intelligence. We are headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley with teams that span the globe.

Our Leadership Team
Intelligent Automation

Our Story

We want to transform the way you work

For over a decade, building and delivering EHRs to post-acute providers was our focus. Working intimately with clients exposed us to the challenging dynamics of running and scaling healthcare operations.

We saw siloed and antiquated systems, a constantly changing regulatory and reimbursement landscape, and the need to be timely, with everything!

This all added up to a myriad of labor-intensive, manual, and costly workflows spanning systems across operations having a direct negative impact on the businesses bottom-line and quality of care.

Our fundamental belief is that healthcare operations need to be more efficient. And, we believe smart, autonomous technology is the answer.

Our Leadership Team

Joe Randesi
Co-founder & CEO
Eric Gordon
Co-founder & CRO
Bhavani Raman
Co-founder & COO
Murali Vivekanandan
Co-founder & CTO
Jeff McQuilliams
Executive Vice President

Simplifying AI and RPA for post-acute care markets

In 2019, Element5 set out on a mission to simplify Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation for post-acute markets. Our mission is to deliver automation technology that alleviates administrative burden enabling healthcare providers to increase their focus on patient care. We want to empower our customers to think differently and thrive and overcome the challenging economics of care delivery.