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HCT is where home care and senior living organizations go to see the future of caregiving technology.
Date & Time :
Sep 7, 2022
11:00 am
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Care delivery is being driven into home-based settings by three trends: value-based healthcare, consumer preference, and advancements in technology.

HCT will give an immersive overview of the most innovative caregiving technology on the market - what's trending in the post-acute care industry, who's transforming the way they work, and how technology can help your staff operate more efficiently.

We are delighted to share our learnings at the HCT as we get to talk about how our customers were able to tackle the staffing challenges, maximized their revenue potential through tech-enablement while eliminating operational bottlenecks, and focused on better patient outcomes.

Element5 is the world’s first Automation-as-a-Service solution, purpose-built for post-acute care. Element5 delivers pre-built workflows that integrate across existing systems using AI and RPA. Using AI and RPA, our automated workflows empower post-acute care teams and administrative staff to spend less time on repetitive administrative tasks. This means they get to focus less on mundane work that requires hundreds of repetitive clicks and focus more on higher value tasks. For an industry such as post-acute care, technologies like RPA are a breath of fresh air, especially considering how other industries have already begun rapid  adoption of workflow automation.

How does workflow automation work?

Using AI and RPA, software robots are programmed to perform repetitive functions between existing post-acute care systems. As a result, these bots log in to systems on behalf of teams and follow rule based instructions to complete tasks.

This is especially important to an industry that is rapidly changing and going through unprecedented times. The home care market is expected to grow as the baby boomer demographic ages into care, and vulnerabilities increase among the current geriatric population. The industry is facing a severe shortage of staff and traditional means of overcoming challenges are not yielding positive outcomes.

Typically, the solution to these problems has been to throw more money and bodies at it. However, workflow automation is transforming the way facilities operate.

So if you’re going to be at HCT, we can’t wait to see you.  On 7th September 2022, Eric Gordon, Co-founder & CRO of Element5, will take center stage to talk about how post-acute care organizations can eliminated staffing shortages and improve their patient experiences through workflow automation. Don’t forget to catch this session.

We look forward to see you!

Check what our clients are saying

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The RPA-powered system created consistency

“The RPA-powered system created consistency of things being done when they're supposed to be done and how they're supposed to be done, allowing the team to spend their time on more rewarding and profitable work.”

Stacey Bennett
Operations Manager, Buckeye Home Health Care
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