How robotic process automation enabled Buckeye Home Health Care to streamline operations

Like many Homecare agencies, Buckeye relied on a series of software systems mixed with great people to run day-to-day operations. Many daily processes were manual and labor intensive, from end of episode chart audits to physician order management. These processes were crucial to the business, therefore having multiple, sometimes even key employees driving them was justified.

This, in turn, was a problem. Employees weren’t working at the top of their license and instead were stuck performing the same, repetitive task day after day. As the business grew, the amount of work continued to pile up and handling the volume became a daily challenge. Ultimately, this led to an overworked staff, higher internal costs and lost profits, something every company wants to avoid.

"The RPA-powered system created consistency of things being done when they're supposed to be done and how they're supposed to be done, allowing the team to spend their time on more rewarding and profitable work "

The challenges of COVID even further stretched the organization and served as a catalyst for Buckeye to re-think their processes and implement technology that can help them stabilize and scale.

As Bennet puts it, she never “realized what an impact [Element5] would have until we got quarantined.” Without the ability for the staff to go into the office, work essentially came to a standstill. The work that could get done remotely lacked oversight and coordination; it was exceedingly difficult to ensure accurate record keeping and compliance at a most critical time.

Thankfully, Element5’s tailor-made automation solutions and dashboards offered a safety net for the business. Buckeye Home Health implemented Element5 to automate the daily processes of sending and receiving physician orders. Although their EHR had e-fax capabilities built-in, there was still a tremendous amount of manual intervention required to send and receive orders.

Listen to what Stacey Bennett, Operations Manager, Buckeye Home Health Care, has to say about their experience using Element5

With Element5, orders were being sent out and reviewed autonomously with no human intervention. In addition, cashflow was greatly improved as bottle-necks from processing orders were completely eliminated.

Buckeye’s story is a typical one in the Care at Home market. Great, hard working employees playing hero on a daily basis to keep up with the sheer volume of work. Element5, being built by health care experts specifically for this segment, allows both SMB firms and larger enterprise clients to benefit from game-changing automation technology with very little effort. With our service model, no in-house engineering team or expensive consultants are required. Our solutions are designed to work in conjunction with your existing systems and augment your current processes. This allows for big, near-term ROI with very little, if any, business disruption.

At Element5, we are passionate about giving back to the health care community by delivering technology solutions that allow organizations to focus on what matters most: the patient.

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