Hospice Leverage Emerging Technologies to Build Efficiency

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Another emerging technology that is gaining ground is robotic process automation (RPA). This technology can be configured to perform actions within and between systems. RPA uses robots to automate workflows and manage complex and repetitive tasks involving electronic health records (EHR), payer sites and financial systems. RPA systems can be used to automate certain workflows in patient intake, authorizations and reauthorizations and revenue cycle management.

When double checking a patient’s authorization, for instance, a staff member typically has to login to the EHR and enter information from that system into a payer portal, as well as download required documentation and in turn update the EHR with the authorization data. RPA can automate the data entry process, eliminating several steps, according to Joe Randesi, co-founder & CEO, Element5.

“Risk is paramount to participating in value-based payment models. Efficient operations position providers at a stronghold to take on the clinical and financial risks associated with value-based care delivery,” Randesi said. “To improve efficiency, data has played a critical role over the last few years in helping understand bottlenecks. More recently, data-driven decision making has made its way to the hospice and palliative care space.”

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