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Why you should immediately leverage automation

Create staff capacity by eliminating administrative work for RCM
Increase the frequency of billing and submissions significantly
Ensure accurate timelines, every single time
Accelerate speed to cash and see value within few weeks of implementation

Why Element5's intelligent automation platform

Eliminate 97% of administrative work for Claims, NOA, NOE/NOTR & iQIES Submissions.
Save 87.8% of staff time spent on working denials.
Over 50% reduction in time to work denials within weeks of implementation.
Improved efficiency, streamlined processes & decreased claim appeal submissions.

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Element5 and WellSky collaborate to extend automation solutions to home health and hospice agencies

Element5 is a trusted automation partner for WellSky clients and our collaboration has yielded incredible results for clients within weeks of implementation. Find out more about our partnership.

Trusted automation partner for industry leaders

“The implementation of Element5 at 21st Century Home Health Services has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency. The utilization of Element5 automation tools, particularly in NOA and Denial Management, has freed up valuable time for our team, enabling a seamless transition during our recent update to the WellSky Practice Management System and the integration of a new agency. This increased efficiency has not only optimized our daily workflow but has also allowed us to strategically reallocate labor hours, resulting in improved productivity across the organization. The cost savings achieved through Element5's automation features have further contributed to a positive impact on our bottom line, making it a valuable asset to our overall business strategy.”
Igor Brener
Director of Operations
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