Combat staffing shortage and increase productivity

With workflow automation for Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Reduce the administrative burden on clinical staff with AI & RPA

Combat staffing shortage and increase productivity

Boost operational efficiency, lower costs & make more time for care.

Workflow Automation Solutions for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Nursing home administrators are facing a serious staffing crisis today. An acute shortage of skilled nurses coupled with siloed operations far removed from the touches of latest technologies have left skilled nursing facilities in dire need of an overhaul of operations.

AI & RPA powered workflow automation can do just that and more. Automating daily, repetitive and tedious tasks can help cut operating costs, bolster productivity and free up staff for direct, and more involved patient care.

200+ hours

In a month can be saved by automating complex workflows

Up to 80%

Reduction in the hours spent by teams on manual administrative work.

3:1 ROI

Costs 3X less than hiring dedicated resources to work on repetitive tasks.
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A digital assistant to help you work better.

Programmed robots are trained to log-in to systems and perform complex tasks just as a human would.

Tasks can be easily automated between existing systems with no additional investments or overheads.

With Element5's workflow automation managing complex, daily tasks, teams can spend less time on manual work and focus on higher-value tasks.

Automating processes delivers immediate ROI, instantly tangible efficiency gains and distinct improvement in revenues.

AI & RPA powered workflow automation solutions are here to revolutionize work for your care teams

Precision and speed delivered by bots
Minimal to no human intervention needed
Demonstrable ROI within 12 weeks
Operates between existing systems

Element5 helps senior living teams work better. By spending less time on repetitive, manual work.

Insights beyond the normal

No more out-of-the-box report templates. Build customized reports and analytical insights that utilize data from across all systems to make data-driven business decisions.

Make it easy for your teams

Our automation hub allows you to see how your digital-assistants are working and how quickly tasks are being completed, so you always know you are working with a high-performing teammate.

Operates between systems

Automation that works across systems of record, creating integrations where none existed before without requiring additional investment into tools, software.

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The RPA-powered system created consistency

“The RPA-powered system created consistency of things being done when they're supposed to be done and how they're supposed to be done, allowing the team to spend their time on more rewarding and profitable work.”

Stacey Bennett
Operations Manager, Buckeye Home Health Care
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Workflows you can automate for your skilled nursing facilities

Discharge Summary

Automate the process of providing patient discharge summary at ease.

Referral Management

Simplify referral management with automation to seamlessly manage capacity and care.

Audit & Compliance

Stay ahead on compliance requirements. Automated checks and audits to help you care better.

Reporting and Analytics

Out of the box reports don’t cut it. Get a 360 degree overview of operations with data-driven insights to power your business decisions.

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Simplify mundane, complex tasks with workflow automation

Spend up to 90% less time working on administrative processes. Here are some resources to show you how

Operational Efficiency HandbookOperational Efficiency Handbook
Operational Efficiency Handbook

Unlock new levels of staff productivity with workflow automation.

Eligibility AutomationEligibility Automation
Eligibility Automation

Automated eligibility checks for seamless patient intake.

Impact of Workflow AutomationImpact of Workflow Automation
Impact of Workflow Automation

On the fence about automation ROI? Get over it.

Denial ManagementDenial Management
Denial Management

No missed revenues, swift claims reprocessing, instant ROI.


Experience the simplest way to run your day-to-day operations

SaaS based pricing

Choose from flexible pricing options depending on the number of patients and number of automated workflows.

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Industry standards such as HIPAA and SOC2 compliances ensure that your data is always safe.

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Pre-built workflows

Invest less time in building your own workflows and choose from a range of pre-built automations.

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