If automation and post-acute care are in the same sentence, Element5 needs to be there too.

Simplifying  automation for complex workflows
Explore workflows
It’s pre-built. So you don’t need to do any heavy lifting
Everything works as intended from the get-go, and you save both time and money that can now go towards more critical business functions.
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Operates like a human user would
Sits on top of existing systems
Integrates with all top post-acute care systems
Tangible ROI from Day 1
Supports all post-acute care operations

Trying to build your own automation? Read this before you get started

Stop building it yourself
The first automation solution, purpose built for post-acute care
Element5 is the first automation solution built ground up to support post-acute care workflows, and eliminate operational bottlenecks in daily administrative work.
The Element5 team has deep domain expertise to understand your requirements immediately. We’ve seen the effort involved in educating RPA service providers about the healthcare vertical and we are here to change that.

Simplified usage-based pricing

Element5 is less expensive than hiring more resources. Our pricing is focussed on delivering value and typically, ROI is delivered by saving costs of atleast one resource headcount.
Element5 is transparent with our pricing with no platform licensing costs. We scope your usage and deliver a SaaS based annual pricing based on your usage and volume.
Building your own automation
Building your own automation
Request a consultation from Element5
Choose a pre-built or scope new workflow
Sign off on requirements and functionality
Go live
Identify workflow to automate
Find RPA vendor and buy bots
Launch development team
Design, build, and test infrastructure and workflow
Plan maintenance and upkeep
Deploy and go live
Low up-front investment
Low total cost of ownership
Short time to value
Highly scalable program
Full control over tools & platform
Complete proprietorship
Technology proprietary to Element5
Large up-front investment
High ongoing Total Cost of Ownership
Long time to value
Resource heavy, time intensive

Customers don’t have to purchase/manage bots, maintain and upkeep. Always on support. Easily scalable.

Highly Scalable

Element5 creates integrations between systems where integrations don’t exist, offering a wide range of possibilities.

Demonstrable impact

From the very first workflow, Element5 is able to demonstrate tangible value in efficiency, administration, revenue and business transformation.

Secure and compliant

Element5 is HIPAA and SOC2 certified. We understand the importance of your data and ensure we take every measure to protect it.

Here’s some of our latest thinking to get you started

Operational Efficiency HandbookOperational Efficiency Handbook
Operational Efficiency Handbook

Unlock new levels of staff productivity with workflow automation.

Eligibility AutomationEligibility Automation
Eligibility Automation

Automated eligibility checks for seamless patient intake.

Impact of Workflow AutomationImpact of Workflow Automation
Impact of Workflow Automation

On the fence about automation ROI? Get over it.

Denial ManagementDenial Management
Denial Management

No missed revenues, swift claims reprocessing, instant ROI.


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