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Element5 understands that healthcare data security is not just vital for compliance, but it is a crucial part of the provider-patient relationship built upon trust and paramount for every post-acute care organization's health.

Any breach in personal, sensitive healthcare data can have lasting repercussions for both the patient and the post-acute care organizations. The resulting loss of patient trust can mean poor patient experiences, and along with the huge fines, the lost revenue can even lead to an irreparable financial downturn for the organization.

This is why Element5 was built from the ground up with a specialized, razor-sharp focus on the existing & future regulatory, compliance, privacy, and cybersecurity needs of every post-acute care organization out there.

Compliance at the highest level

Why security needs to be the pinnacle of automation
Automation Software runs on behalf of users. There are critical areas where data protection needs to be considered
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Interacting with many applications - both source and target.
Executing a set of steps to meet a functionality
And specifically  logic based execution
Manage Data
Storing, Transfering, Processing and Reporting

We take security seriously

From our deep expertise delivering Automations for our 50+ complex process for post-acute care clients, we ensure the highest priority to our security practices.
Use Password Vaults for Managing Credentials
Role based, Restricted Access
Audit logs for Visibility to Bot Health
Considerations of PHI
Periodic Audits of performance
Manage Data storage, Data at rest and data in motion
Secure Automation Environment and Access
Establishing governance and change management

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