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Comprehensive automation requires seamless flow of data between applications. Element5 enables multi-system workflow automations through a robust integration platform and a suite of pre-built integrations to common post-acute care applications.
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Best-in-class technology (iPAAS) to unleash the power of your data

A no-code solution that fits in with your current processes using your current systems
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Extract necessary data
Upload to iQIES in required frequency
Monitors the submission responses provided by iQies and updates EHR with correct status for each assessment

Don't let manual processes hold back your business

From Fragmented to Holistic
The multiple steps and applications involved in integration makes your current automation process convoluted.

We provide a holistic automation solution that makes you get started without trouble.
From Siloed to Streamlined
When data is disconnected across platforms, data is siloed and leads to inaccurate analysis of your processes.

We extract the data and connect your processes, without any effort needed from your end.
From Custom Built to Pre-Built
Setting up integrations from scratch can be costly in terms of time and money.

Our pre-built integration hub, built with inputs from subject matter experts, ensure you can connect what you need with ease.
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We do all the hard-work, so you don’t have to

Enabling Continuity of Care
Healthcare organization are managing patients across care settings between multiple systems that don't provide continuity of care. Element5 helps you distribute information between these systems based upon your specific needs. We make managing patients across care settings, between multiple systems, really easy.
Ensuring Security and Compliance
The Element5 platform is built from the ground up for security and privacy required for storing ePHI and PII data. With controls that meet rigorous privacy certification standards, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your non-public information is protected. We are assessed for HIPAA compliance and are SOC2 certified.