Designed from the ground up, for endless possibilities

With a strong foundation set up for any post-acute care use case, you can leverage the data you have in multiple ways
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An all-in-one automation hub for post-acute care operations

A sophisticated reporting platform to enable real analysis

Pre-built and custom reports help you identify and act on bottlenecks that you didn’t know you had. Element5’s interface provides you an easy way to access and analyze your data so you can train your staff and focus on areas of growth in each department.


RPA bots that automate repetitive tasks and can automate several repetitive actions in large volumes.

Intelligent Process Automation

An AI-powered upgrade to what RPA can accomplish with added utility and versatility to the automation tasks.

Predictive Analytics

An upgrade that gives IPA the capacity to learn and predict using data that is collected.

Predictive analytics to help you scale.

Leverage AI and ML to unlock the insights from your data to predict gaps and optimize time spent and save dollars on running your processes.

Explore an ML Use Case
Denial prediction
The Data Hub captures historical remittance information including information parsed including clinical documents using OCR, NLP and other deep learning techniques. ML techniques are applied to this data to identify patterns associated with denials. Any new claim with a similar pattern can be flagged as a risk. In addition, AI can also highlight the potential cause of denial empowering the staff to make proactive adjustments.
Extraction of information
OCR/NLP for extracting information out of clinical documents like EOB, Plan of Care, Visit Notes, Assessments, Orders and 837.

A flexible data platform that suits any complex use case

Our platform is built with inputs from subject matter experts and serves multiple needs - reports, predictive analytics and then serving data to downstream applications - just the way you need it.

Predictive Analytics
Data Lineage
Extracting structured data from unstructured data
Processed Data
Raw Data
Data Hub

Your robotic process automation journey just got easier

An interface to access your data
No need to access data from multiple places. We unlock data using our iPAAS and make it easier for you to do more.
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A home for your data
Access your data on an easy-to-use interface that shows you exactly what you need. We have the infrastructure figured out for you.
A secure platform
Our HIPAA-compliant data platform has a unified data model that stores all aspects of your enterprise data in a secure and compliant manner.
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