How VNA Health Group Enhanced Efficiency by 83% with Automating OASIS to iQIES Workflows

Solutions Deployed
  • OASIS to iQIES
  • Automated Workflows
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Visiting Nurse Association Health Group(VNAHG) boosted efficiency by adopting Element5's automation for OASIS to iQIES workflows, cutting down on time-consuming manual tasks. Since go-live, daily OASIS submissions, faster validation reviews, and automated corrections have markedly improved operations, fostering a positive ongoing partnership with Element5.

The Challenge

  • Manual creation of files in the EHR system and the subsequent logging into iQIES for submission proved to be a time-consuming daily process.
  • The frequency of manual submissions varied, occurring once or twice per week depending on the number of OASIS records.
  • Initial skepticism about automation's impact on critical OASIS records and potential disruptions to established processes.

The Solution

  • Minimal time is now spent reviewing validation files, resulting in an impressive 83% reduction of time spent prior to E5 automation.
  • Corrections to OASIS records are seamlessly handled by the E5 system, eliminating the need for manual submissions to iQIES and ensuring automatic upload on the next run.
  • The successful transition to daily and weekend OASIS submissions has substantially increased operational efficiency.
  • The implementation process is clear and well organized, featuring a structured schedule and weekly team discussions for questions and enhancements.

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