How Knute Nelson used automation to improve compliance, increase capacity and tighten revenue recognition…  realizing other unexpected benefits along the way

Solutions Deployed

How Knute Nelson Brought Automation’s Benefits to their Business

Knute Nelson began exploring the potential of automation to solve costly problems like data entry errors, inefficient manual verification processes, and time-intensive payer submissions and notifications. Like many post-acute employers, their ability to grow was constrained by the struggle to find, onboard, and train new team members in a competitive market.
They faced daily stress and burnout due to overwhelming administrative burdens. Introduced to Element5, Knute Nelson started small, focusing on high-volume, highly manual tasks suited for E5’s pre-built automated workflows. This approach not only eased staff into learning and adopting automation but also revitalized team morale by allowing them to focus on meaningful work.
Rebekah Mattocks, Senior Director of Quality, Compliance & Revenue Cycle at Knute Nelson, shared, "Automation helps us take on additional volume without adding FTEs, setting us up for scalability and growth. It’s a powerful tool that lets us be flexible and strategic.”

How Does Automation Impact Knute Nelson’s Business?

OASIS Submissions

  • A daily task that used to make one person’s vacation not really a vacation at all is now automated - processing a high volume of submissions, and running 7 days a week with verification to triage any exceptions.  The daily processing helps maintain compliance with required regulatory timelines.  
  • With workflow automation, staff can now focus on what matters; a handful of transactions that need intervention versus having to review and process every transaction.  The added benefit is knowing that submissions are happening even when the team is not in the office.

Eligibility Verifications

  • Greatly reduced missed batches discovered two weeks to 30 days after the start of care.
  • Eliminated distractions to the team by monthly and semi monthly verifications that divert them from their day jobs.  Result?  Five+ FTE days per month freed up for higher value tasks and keeping up with the volume.

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