How Amedisys Automated Its Benefit Period Workflow, Reducing Manual Work by 93%

Solutions Deployed
  • Hospice Benefit Period
  • Verification Automation
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Timely verification of hospice benefit periods is vital for quick admissions and speed to care. Amedisys tackled this tedious processes performed 100% manually by strategically automating the workflow. Their objective: reduce staff workload, enhance speed & accuracy, and start care promptly.

The Challenge

A tedious process: Verifying hospice benefit periods manually involved retrieving and analyzing the 271 documents, resulting in a monotonous, time-consuming process for the staff.

Repetitive data entry: Manually entering the extracted benefit periods and discharges into the EHR system added further to the workload.

Not scalable for expected growth: Amedisys realized that scaling the process with more staff was not efficient and sought an automated solution.

The Solution

  • Amedisys deployed Element5’s workflow automation solution to automate the hospice benefit period verification process, eliminating hours of manual effort for the staff.
  • The automation improved verification speed and accuracy, enabling quicker access to care.
  • Staff concentrated on exception handling instead of manual calculations and documentation, with only 7% of patients needing additional focus by staff.
  • Amedisys gained real-time visibility and control over the workflow through Element5’s automation hub, allowing intervention when necessary.
  • The automation reduced FTE needs, enabling staff to address more complex issues and freeing them from repetitive tasks.

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