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Introducing the simplest way of managing your post-acute care operations
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A minimal effort RPA solution to scale up productivity, margins and revenue

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The Platform Advantage

Our powerful platform brings the necessary components together, enabling new workflows to be created in a matter of days. With an AI powered back-end, you have everything you need to make an informed decision about your next step.

The SME Advantage

20+ years of experience solving the problems of healthcare

The Element5 team has deep domain expertise to understand your requirements immediately. We’ve seen the effort involved in educating RPA service providers about the healthcare vertical and we are here to change that.

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The Pre-Built Advantage

Our library of workflows are purpose-built for post-acute healthcare and can be quickly customized to suit your business needs.

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The Pricing Advantage

We are transparent with our pricing with no platform licensing costs. We cut out the middlemen - eliminating additional custom development, infrastructure, and maintenance costs. You win with predictable SaaS pricing, with minimum risk to you.

Transform the way you work

An RPA Solution Powered by AI

Our offering is a perfect combination of technical experts and domain expertise, allowing for a truly intelligent RPA solution that can scale the way you need it.

HIPAA & SOC2 Compliant

Our platform is built on a secure cloud that encrypts all data in transit and at rest. We implement strict controls for privacy and security, are assessed for HIPAA compliance and are SOC2 certified.


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Vision Demonstrator
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Element5 provides SaaS model pricing that is based upon your automation package of choice and volumes. Our typical customer package has a small monthly rate that aims to deliver direct ROI. We don't charge for development fees and you don't pay until the workflows are live. Element5 strongly believes that our monthly rates should result in cost savings and not additional spend for your organization.

How do the bots get implemented?

Once you partner with Element5, we assign you a customer success manager with a post-acute healthcare background. Our CSM will work with your subject matter experts to confirm the scope of your automation requests and conduct testing prior to going live.

What things can Element5 automate?

The opportunities for automation are endless with Element5. Our most common offerings address integrations, process workflows inside your EHR, and data aggregation. Whether it's eliminating cumbersome tasks in each of your departments, improving the patient journey by moving information amongst systems, or assisting in special projects. Element5 helps you bend the cost curve with our library of existing workflows or custom requests.

What are the IT requirements?

Element5 is a Software-as-a-Service solution, meaning there are no IT requirements. Our products connect to your existing systems using a designated ID and Password which you control.

Is this secure and HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Element5 is a HIPAA-compliant solution. Security and regulatory compliance is a core pillar of Element5’s technology platform and operating procedures. Our diligent focus on security and compliance has enabled Element5 to achieve SOC2 certification and HIPAA-compliant attestation.

What kind of support does Element5 offer?

Element5 will assign you a customer success manager that will be your point of contact to ensure a successful partnership. Our "As-a-Service" model provides you with fully managed licensing, hosting, maintenance, versioning, and responsibility for any updates needed for your workflows. We provide a full service delivery from project management to implementation so that your team can focus on your core business and responsibilities.