Repetitive, daily work simplified.
Workflow automation for hospice agencies.

AI and RPA solutions to help get work done faster and more efficiently

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Automate daily workflows for hospice agencies.
Spend more time caring and less time working.

Hospice agencies are significantly tied down by administrative bottlenecks, regulations and compliances. Teams often spend more time on routine paperwork and extra hours in order to deliver better care. This leads to inefficient operations, slow recognition of revenue and poor employee satisfaction. Using AI and RPA based technologies of Hospice agencies, Element5 is automating daily administrative work, helping teams spend less time on repetitive clicks, moving patient information from system to system and spending hours on routine tasks.

200+ hours a week

Time that can be saved by automating complex workflows

Up to 80%

Reduction in the hours spent by teams on manual administrative work

3:1 ROI

Costs 3X less than hiring dedicated resources to work on repetitive tasks

A digital assistant to save you a thousand clicks

Element5 is using AI and RPA based technologies to bring workflow automation solutions to Hospices. Programmed robots are trained to log-in to systems and perform complex tasks just as a human would. Tasks can be automated between existing systems requiring no additional investments or overheads.

With Element5's workflow automation managing complex tasks, teams need to spend less time on manual work and focus on more important tasks. Automating processes delivers immediate ROI, instantly tangible results and recognizable outcomes in improving revenues. 
Speed and accuracy delivered by bots
No manual intervention necessary
Operates on top of existing systems
Deployment in 12 weeks and immediate ROI
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Element5 helps hospice teams work more efficiently.
By spending less time on work.

Make it easy for your teams
AI and RPA operate like digital assistants. Element5's automation hub provides a full view into how the bots are functioning and how quickly tasks are completed, ensuring you always feel like you're working with a high-performing teammate.
Insights beyond the normal
Build reports and gain analytical insights beyond the out of the box reports provided by systems. Element5 aggregates data from across sources to provide you with a linear view of performances, to make intelligent business decisions.
Operates between systems
Element5's solution operates between any existing systems of records. The robots function exactly like a human does, removing hurdles of investing in new tools and software. The smarter and faster way for hospice teams to function.

Buckeye Home Health Care uses Element5 to reduce costs and identify missed profits

The RPA-powered system created consistency of things being done when they're supposed to be done and how they're supposed to be done, allowing the team to spend their time on more rewarding and profitable work

Stacey Bennett
Operations Manager, Buckeye Home Health Care
Read the whole story here

Workflows you can automate for your hospice agency

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See how post-acute organizations
are automating some of their complex tasks

Spend up to 90% less time working on administrative processes. Here are some resources to show you how

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Vision Demonstrator
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SaaS based pricing

Choose from flexible pricing options depending on the number of patients and number of automated workflows.


Industry standards such as HIPAA and SOC2 compliances ensure that your data is always safe.