Why Census Migration should be automated using AI and RPA

With the pandemic pushing the healthcare industry to the extremes of its capacity, there is now a renewed focus on aiding care delivery with technology. What used to be an industry typically averse to change, post-acute care and its prominent voices are now more actively engaged in discussions to utilize technology towards better care delivery and lowered costs of care.

With the vast amount of administrative encumbrances present across the entire post-acute care industry, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has emerged as a key to its transformation. The post-acute care industry is booming with a clear shift in care preferences and a need to bolster the healthcare workforce. Providers are looking at ways to improve efficiency in repetitive time-intensive activities such as Census migrations while trying to tackle the never-ending battle against staffing woes.

Out with the manual, in with the automated

Census migrations though tedious and demanding on the staff are crucial to the post-acute care machinery. There can be various reasons for a census migration, be it transfer of data from a legacy EHR, upgrade to a new EHR tool, or merger & acquisitions. If not performed correctly and on time, it can seriously hamper the timely delivery of care, also affecting the operational efficiency of the organization as a whole. 

In census migrations, what matters most is that it is conducted quickly and without any errors. Being a time-intensive activity when performed manually, organizations often need to pull clinical staff away from their care responsibilities to ensure timely completion of the census migration. This means that the activity can potentially affect the care delivery mechanisms within the organization and add to the staff burnouts and high turnover rates.

But now, census migrations can be performed without any need for manual intervention by utilizing workflow automation powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Maximizing efficiency, minimizing costs, perfecting care outcomes

With the ongoing vaccine mandates, constant changes in regulations, and increased staff burnouts, it is high time post-acute care providers see that they cannot afford the burden of additional administrative tasks. Workflow automation-powered post-acute care processes can go a long way in helping channel the time saved performing manual processes towards delivering better care outcomes and making care more affordable for all.

Census migrations are just the tip of the iceberg to top it off with countless more workflows waiting to be automated. By automating census migrations alone, organizations stand to gain so much in the way of time and resources saved, improved staff satisfaction, reduced burnouts and turnover rates, and overall improvement in efficiency across the entire organization. One can only imagine how seamless care delivery would be if all administrative burdens were removed from the shoulders of care teams across post-acute care.

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