We’re attending our very first Home Care 100 - and here’s why we’re excited!

What is happening between Feb 6 - Feb 9, 2022?

Over 500 leaders in post-acute care are coming together at the Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona to socialize, share ideas, and talk about the state of home care in the United States. 

Home Care 100’s mission is to help healthcare providers become exceptional in leadership, strategy and innovation and help the entire system move towards greater value. 

This year, Element5 will be among the attendees of Home Care 100. We’re excited to meet the leaders of the top 100 Home Care organizations in the U.S. and discuss how the industry is shifting towards greater efficiency, better staffing and improved revenues. All while we soak up some Arizona sun and enjoy the couple of days of socializing. 

Element5 delivers unique value to post-acute care. Using AI and RPA, our automated workflows empower post-acute care teams and administrative staff to spend less time on repetitive administrative tasks. This allows them to spend less time on work that requires hundreds of repetitive clicks and focus on higher value tasks. For an industry such as post-acute care, technologies like RPA are a breath of fresh air, especially considering how other industries have already begun the rampant adoption of workflow automation.

How does workflow automation work?

AI & RPA uses trained software robots that are programmed to perform repetitive functions between existing post-acute care systems. As a result, these bots log in to systems on behalf of teams and follow rule based instructions to complete tasks. 

This is especially important to an industry that is rapidly changing and going through unprecedented times. The home care market is expected to grow  owing to the aging baby boomers and increasing disabilities among the geriatric population.  The industry is facing a severe shortage of staff and traditional means of overcoming challenges are not expected to yield positive outcomes. 

Typically, the solution to these problems has been to throw more bodies at it. However, workflow automation is transforming the way they operate.

So if you’re going to be at Home Care 100, we can’t wait to meet you.  On February 9th,  Eric Gordon Co-founder & CRO, will take centre stage to talk about how post-acute care organizations can increase staff productivity & eliminate operational bottlenecks through workflow automation. Don’t forget to catch this session. 

Excited to see you soon!

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