HHCN Voices: Jennifer Maxwell CEO & Co-founder at Maxwell Healthcare Associates

Excerpt from the full conversation

One area of the MHA team’s work that is cutting edge is RPA, Robot Process Automation. What does this mean, and how does it affect home-based care providers, including hospices?

Maxwell: RPA is definitely up and coming. We partnered with Element5 to bring much needed automation to the post-acute care industry. What we have seen with those agencies that home-grow their RPA — or piece it together with smaller firms — are a lot of errors and breakdowns in the automation. They are having humans continuously monitor for those breaks, thus negating the whole objective of leveraging RPA.

Element5 has next-level technology that minimizes the need for humans to monitor. We are working closely with them and developing numerous workflows and automations that are extremely detailed and efficient. They are saving time, people and money along with increasing efficiencies within agencies.

We also are utilizing the RPA post-acquisition transactions to automate the technology transfer of data that would typically take numerous consultants and time to complete. For example, if you take a large hospice with a 2000-plus census that has to migrate all those patients over into the new technology, that would typically take weeks to do. We’re talking hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours. We’re able to take it down to like four days. Think about the ROI on that acquisition. It is profound. You’re saving time to full transition, decreasing impact on staff and mitigating potential burnout and room for error, to name a few.

We have a great level of confidence with Element5. Our client successes have been multiplying.

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